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Wild & WackyWild & Wacky Team Olympics is the great way to enhance team camaraderie through an experience of total Fun focused on a competitive (but not-too-serious) gauntlet of wild and wacky "Olympic Games".
In this exciting, hilarious teambuilding program, we divide your group into small, feisty teams of corporate "athletes", who face off against other equally feisty teams who want to clean their clock, no matter what the game at hand. As each Olympic event is engaged, points are awarded for team performance. Teams vie back and forth all day for the top place finishes and the bragging rights that go along with it.

Team Olympics is Play for Professionals at its best. Chaotic, exhilarating, and serving absolutely no point at all, except to remind us that its truly essential to lighten up and have Fun.

SOAP BOX DERBY                             

Soap Box DerbyRe-live the days of thunder as you power your way to pole position for a place on the podium. Hand brake turns and total burn-out's are unlikely to happen in these hand built rugged roadsters, but the ability to build a 'Porsche eater' from a plank and four pram wheels might just give you the edge. Spanners, Screws, Wheels and Deals!, 'The Soap Box Derby' is a fantastic, fun filled outdoor event, designed to get teams working together and thinking through a project. Involving elements of design flair, innovation, creativity, money management and 'driving' skill � all your guests will find an area to excel in. From an initial budget, teams decide how much to spend on creating their own team kit car and which type of parts they want to buy. Decisions must be made as to the method of propulsion, power, wheels, frame and accessories! Each team then builds a human powered vehicle from the parts they have chosen. however dont be too hasty with your cash, money management could still earn you first place. Once you have created your ultimate dream machine, your vehicle must pass its MoT before team members compete in various races to test their driving skills!

The Soap Box Derby is based around construction and simple mechanics. It is an inter team competition comprising design, engineering skill and cutting out coloured paper! Using very simple construction techniques the teams require no automotive or engineering skills.


QuadbikingEnjoy the activity of quad (ATV) biking and negotiate our exciting courses located in the spectacular Warmbaths area, we also travel. We are an activity centre catering for the corporate riders of all abilities and provide comprehensive instruction on operating the quads before you begin your ride. Helmets are provided. Our emphasis is on safety and enjoyment and we have qualified ATV instructors who will make sure both of these aspects are maintained. A great way to do some team building!


BugsterYes Blue Hat now have Bugsters and can accommodate up to 50 people in the ultimate motorized Team build available in South Africa at the moment, the Challenge involves Orienteering, Cross Bow Shooting, Archery, Air Gun Shooting and all this is done in a Bugster with a driver and a navigator that alternate their rolls as the process progresses. The Bugsters can also be included in our Sunshine Events as a Mini Grand Prix Challenge, with larger groups a quad bike and scooter challenge is also included. No previous experience is needed and full instruction is given.


SurvivorNo one is immune from the fun in Team Survivor, Blue Hat’s exciting adventure-based team building program. Inspired by the popular TV show, Team Survivor is geared to challenge team members individually and as a tribe to reach for new heights of success. Team Survivor begins with the ritual of the tribal council, where each group creates a unique tribal identity to set their team apart. Using building materials including colorful water-based body paints and an assortment of props, each team must create a tribal name, flag and tribal chant representing the values and power symbols most important to them.


Laser ClayLaser Clay pigeon shooting has taken over as one of the most popular events on our product list. this event is easy, low impact and virtually no noise "except for the excited delegate if they hit a pigeon. no recoil on these modified shotguns as you aim with the laser towards your target. groups of up to 1000 can be handled with no problem.


Clay Pigeon ShootingA great way to let your hair down, relieve the stress of everyday life, get some fresh air, and above all, have some fun! Traditional Clay Pigeon Shooting is fun for all especially the Ladies.


Pulse RangerExperience everything that paintball offers, but unlike Paintball, there are no painful paint pellets to bruise you. You do not wear a 'smelly' facemask that steams up impairing your vision, the range and accuracy are far greater than paintball (150 yards) and most importantly there are no hidden extra costs for ammunition, extra protective gear, etc.


Movie MakingEach team is given props and costumes, a video camera and the mission of creating a commercial. The commercial will emphasize your meeting slogan, or company's product/service. After teams finish shooting their production, the video will be turned over to our master editors. The editors will create customized clips for the Awards Night Production Cast Party where teams will see each other's film productions and bloopers.


Amazing RaceOne of the most innovative and popular reality TV series is now available for your Team building needs in your area. The newest in our series of Team building events, Amazing chase is an outstanding Team building event combining communication skills, planning, strategy, teamwork, and a race against the clock. Anyone can participate as no special skills, athletic ability or experience is required. The event requires up to 4 hours with your group (the actual race lasts upwards of 3 hours). Different time frames are available on a custom basis.

For your convenience the race can begin and end at your choice of location (hotel, office, restaurant, etc.) Groups from 8 to 500 can participate at once. Groups are first split into 2 teams (reds vs. yellows) then again into mini-teams of 2, 3, or 4 people each. Each mini-team’s goal is to complete the race course in as little time as possible. In order to do so, mini-teams must interpret a number of "clues" to locate up to 10 Route Markers. Throughout the course, mini-teams will come across a variety of signs: Route Markers mark the location of further route information. Detours give a choice of 2 tasks to perform before moving on. Road Blocks give a task each team must complete. At the conclusion of the race, prizes will be awarded. Your hosts will tabulate results to determine both a mini-team winner and an overall team winner (reds vs. yellows).


Treasure HuntGrab up the pirates map and head to the treasure. The participants must discover the hidden clues that led to riches untold. Each team solves riddles and decodes clues which will direct them to the next clue. This process repeats as the teams walk around the resort finding clues. The last clue brings the teams together to compile their clues which when combined reveals the secret message which leads them to their final destination. This brings the various teams together to reach a common goal ... the buried pirate's treasure.


Air RifleThis special event involves target shooting with Paintball Guns, Air Rifles Cross Bow�s using various targets and can be adapted to your environment.





Blind MinefieldA “minefield" is a special event set up with live mousetraps. Participants are divided into teams of two (manager and worker). The worker is blindfolded and sent into the minefield to rescue important objects. The coach guides the worker so no mousetraps are set off. The teams switch roles and repeat until all objects have been rescued. This one is an attention getter. It is very challenging and very fun.


PaintballPaintball will make your launch, incentive, prize or general team building fun day, exciting and challenging in a superb relaxing environment. We do provide all protective gear and overalls; we are also mobile so we come to you.



AbseilingRopes courses can be seen as the ultimate group or team challenge. Ropes courses are a combination of both vertical challenges and horizontal challenges, constructed from wood, cable and ropes installed above the ground and strung between trees, wood poles or steel framework. Ropes courses can be built both indoors and outside .When groups or individuals go up on a ropes course there is a great opportunity for them to learn about risk taking, their own perceived limits, how they perform under pressure, how they give and receive support from other people, and how working with others collaboratively can help an individual achieve more than they thought they could accomplish.


Tower BuildingWith this special event, teams build a single tower from crates and they have to spell a word from top to bottom using the letters attached to the crates, then we see how high they build their tower with the remaining crates before shouting �timber�



Brain TeasersA number of different team challenges to get those brain cells working; these are ideal for indoor activities, also great backup for rainy periods.




Frisbee golf (officially called disc golf) is played a lot like traditional ball golf. Instead of using balls and clubs, however, players use Frizz bee's. As with traditional golf the object of the game is to complete the course of holes in the fewest number of strokes as possible (in the case of Frisbee golf, in the fewest number of throws). The Frizz bee is thrown from a tee area toward the target or "hole". In Frisbee golf the hole is usually an elevated metal basket called a "pole hole". As you throw your Frizz bee down the fairway towards the hole, you must make your next throw from the spot that your last one landed. When you finally putt the disc into the basket the hole is completed. When you complete all of the holes, the player with the fewest number of total throws is the winner.This event provides a great fun day.


ArcheryOur events can be structured to suit your requirements. Whether you have part of the day or the whole day we can arrange the event accordingly. Firstly we teach the basics of shooting Bows. Then we split into groups or teams of anywhere between 1-25 at any time shooting together at targets for fun and/or competition. We can arrange the events almost anywhere, inside or outside at locations to suit your requirements.


Sports DayFun Days are fantastic and a great way to reward your staff and their families. Overall Blue Hat can provide you with a top quality Corporate/Family Fun Day. We ensure that your Fun Day is planned precisely to your requirements and budget. We have a wide range of activities and entertainments to offer for all types of Fun Days such as Children's Inflatables, Fun Fair Rides, Fair Ground Stalls, It's a Knockout and a wide variety of participation activities like Bucking Bronco, Quad Bikes, Buggies, Tug of War, Reverse steer car and Human Table Football. Blue Hat can create an enjoyable fun day for everyone involved, including arranging such things as marquees, catering, toilet facilities, medical cover, sign posting, refuse collection and a mix of fun day activities to suit your guest list.


GolfTarget Golf - Try to chip the golf balls into the Target nets, to score points for you team. Total team scores recorded.




Kite BuildingRecapture the child inside as you participate in a challenging teambuilding kite building and flying contest. Teams are challenged to contract a creative kite while incorporating their group, company into the design and decoration. And, the kite must be able to fly. The process is grounded in both the reality and uncertainty of the task-and forces of nature. Kites and teams will be judged on most creative kite, best incorporation of the company (group). Then the fun begins as teams are pitted against each other as their artistic endeavor takes flight-they will be judged on: best crash, fastest ascent and more! Directions on building a variety of kites, rules and regulations for the teambuilding event, guidance throughout the building period, all materials, plastic, dowels, cardboard, string, balloons, streamers, glue, nylon, markers, facilitators, and much, much more!


Hot Air BALOONINGYour hot air balloon flight over the Bushveld will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. You glide silently with the wind and watch in excitement as the morning bushveld wakes below you.

Blue Hat guarantees you the best possible flight over an area of choice � as we have done safely for more than 10 years.

We take pride in what we do and have one very simple and successful philosophy; and that is �customer service, value for money, dedicated professional staff and a commitment to safety�.

All our experience gained over the years is there to make your hot air balloon flight something you will recall with pleasure and excitement for years to come.

GO KARTING (Mobile) 

 Go KartsFeel all the emotions of a real race with all the excitement and glory. Let us organize your team building day with an exclusive Grand Prix!!! If you and your colleagues are looking for a fun activity to enjoy together or you are an employer looking to incentivise your staff this is the experience with all the elements.


You will have a full sized, go-kart track exclusively reserved for your race. On arrival you will be met by the very professional staff of the go-kart track. You will receive a briefing on all of the safety procedures and details about the race and the go-karts. You will then be given a chance to have a warm-up classification race in order to determine the starting grid line-up. After a 5 minute break, comes the main event, an 8 - 10 lap race to the finish. The event will end with a full winner�s ceremony complete with the podium celebration and trophy for the winner, and of course a bottle of Champagne

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