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Presently STRENGTHENING Teams!

Be prepared. In order to be Warriors, teams successfully complete a series of fun outdoor challenges and team building activities. Suited for all abilities.

Corporate Teambuilding
Warrior teams compete and or cooperate in a series of fun challenges to be awarded jury bones. Jury votes for ultimate warrior/s and team. An engraved hand crafted African idol mask or all Warriors with certificates is presented. 

-  Allocated  clans; or your chosen teams.
-  Professionally briefed by trained host facilitators.
-  Covering rules & safety, in African theme with smoke & fire (where suitable).
-  Provided essentials, Colored Bandanas, Flags, Maps, Compasses, Tools, Satchels & Tree Mail to   each challenge.
-  Everyone can participate � It is a fun corporate challenge.
-  Rotate roles ie leader, negotiator, strategic planner, OHS, workers. Brief-Action-Debrief   sequence is facilitated.

Warriors navigate, communicate, problem solve and establish bonds of trust and Strategy. Competing and or cooperating in challenges of teamwork, strategy, fun and wits! To be awarded the Handcrafted Idol. Communication, Cooperation, Trust, Leadership, Teamwork and Project Management are key elements to complete a fun, themed and professionally delivered team building activity.

To become an Warrior, teams - strive to win Jury bones, allocated to the most deserving warrior member. Giving right of passage to the final jury. Losing contact with bones revokes right of passage, a high price to pay�. Challenges are selected & modified according to location and timing required. 4-5 immunity challenges in 1/2 day programs, #7 challenges included in a full day Warrior challenge.

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Navigate ‐your team by map and compass orientation to Warrior site.
a fun team relay challenge of unscrambling letters.
Planks Crossing � Utilizing shipwrecked planks, Warrior cross treacherous zones safely to retrieve water & essentials.

Mute line up � voices lost, teams reorder positions with non‐verbal communication.
Search and Rescue � teams link‐up. Leader becomes the eyes of the team, navigating blindfolded teams by verbal instruction to rescue items.
Sling‐Shot Shooting! Set your team target, Accuracy, Precision. Draw�Aim‐Fire!
Obstacle Puzzle Board Challenge! Team members paired & hand cuffed, Negotiate obstacles ‐retrieve & complete tangrams and puzzles.
Raft Build/Relay � Warriors design and build real rafts (or chariots), with poles, drums, planks, rope and tape. Negotiate a Todd River (dry course) or paddle warriors across water to safety.
Spiders Web � Enter arachnid arena, avoid paralysis, negotiate, cooperate and strategize to exit.
Build Fire / Billy Boil� Collect wood, create a safe fire system. 1st to boil water wins. (dependant on location)
Warriors Knows Best teams collective knowledge answer Trivia. Teams collect rewards in a cerebral test and fun play offs.

Fun Team Building Fun Teambuilding

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Blue Hat  trained facilitators discuss & debrief the Warrior effect as everyone casts their vote. Tribal Jury members present an overview of the program, skills and attributes of Participants & tribes. The Jury decides which tribal team has Strategized, Out-witted and Out-Played all others to be presented the handcrafted immunity idol. 

PROVIDED: * All Warrior Challange equipment * Bandanas, * Satchels * Tree Mail, R10 million Public Liability Insurance * Qualified, Professional Facilitators

Video/Photography/DVD�s * Celebratory Drinks * Shirts * Souvenir Bandanas (Extra Pricing) Prices quoted for extra props, rigging, Replica Immunity Challenges & backing Music Themeing � All Blue Hats survivor events come with a rehearsed survival theme.


Helicopter , Jet Boat, Jet Ski, Quad Bike entry evacuations, Mountain Biking, Rafting, Canoeing, Archery, Slingshots,  Spear Throw, Puzzle Boards. BBQ�s, Gourmet with South African  meats and gourmet Bush treats.

Transport � Buses, Coaches, 4WD�s from any location - return.


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Adventures in Teambuilding


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